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Acute Stretching Reduces Applied Muscle Strength

Stretching Reduced Throwing Ability

Static Stretching Impairs Power and Strength Performance

Stretching Does Not Reduce Muscle Soreness or Prevent Injury

Do Not Stretch Before Explosive Activities


Strength Gains Are Largely Neural


Determinants of Skill Transfer From Training to Competing

Specificity of Training - Transfer of Training Effects for Skills Rarely Occur

Correct Practice

Strength and Power Training in Young Male Baseball Players Does Not Improve Functional Performance

Race Pace Work Improves Simulated Race Performance

Specificity of Aerobic training

Swimming Movement Patterns Are Velocity Specific

To Improve Speed Move Fast And Forget Strength Training

Time of Day and Anaerobic Performance

Strength Training Activities Only Improve Specific Strength

Trained Physiological Adaptations are Only Specific For Training Exercises

Specificity of Training - Transfer of Training Effects for Skills Rarely Occur

Fiber and Energy Use Differ Within Sprinting Distances

Resistance Training Loads Do Not Affect Power Jumping

Spurious Benefits Of Auxiliary Training in Elite Skiers

The Futility of Auxiliary Exercises

Human Acclimatization and Adaptation to Stresses

Features of the Specificity Principle

Specific Training Effects In Swimming

EPOC is Specific to the Exercise Task

Resistance Training Has Specific Effects and no Effect on Other Activities

Strength and Conditioning Programs do not Improve Dynamic Performance in Football Players

Training Specificity - No Value in Weights

Depth Jumping and Weight Training Effects

Adaptation in the Mitochondria

Cross-Training Not as Good as Specific Training

Strength Training and Tests Must Employ the Same Form of Contraction

Traditional Weight Training of No Benefit to Football Linemen

Strength Training Is Modality and Capacity Specific

A Summary Of Specificity

Strength Training Does Not Improve ACL Dynamics In Landing

Rowing Performance Improved More By Technique Than By Physical Training

Increased Leg Strength Does Not Improve Cycling Performance

Power and Agility are Only Improved With Power Training, Not With Traditional Strength Training.

Strength Training Not that Important for Vertical Jumping

Strength Training Only Improves Strength Training Activities In Swimmers

Strength Training Does Not Improve Cycling Performance


Varied Motor Skill Practice is Beneficial for Beginners

Feedback More Important Than Instructions When Learning A Skill

Self Control Of Feedback Produces Superior Skill Learning

Use Modeling When Teaching Beginners

Feedback Should Be Continuos To Produce The Best Performances

Physiology Of Motor Learning

Correct Practice

Stress And Cognitive Functioning

Factors In Learning Skilled Behaviors

Feedback and Reinforcement

Practicing For Sports - Mind is More Important than Matter

Learning Is Best Accomplished in a Non-Fatigued State



Joint Mobility

Z-Health Performance Solutions

Mandla is a Level I & II (R-Phase and I-Phase) Z-Health Instructor. Z-Health is a clear and concise dynamic joint mobility template for movement. It has been the only system that has provided me, as a teacher and practitioner, with a scientifically sound explanation of how to troubleshoot injury, pain, and poor movement patterns, and to drastically enhance any individual's athletic performance. Dr. Cobb’s system of joint mobility communicates the anatomy and physiology of movement and is in tune with the nature of the human body’s design. This provides a sound template for Kettlebell Training.


Kettlebell Training

Steve Cotter: Full KOntact Fitness
The Martial Art Of Strength Training

Steve Cotter is the true model of an adept movement practitioner. His commitment to providing genuine teaching and an unwavering example of practice is uncanny. Since Mandla first read one of his articles in 2004, it is still very clear that he is someone to follow for his insight into the depth of physical movement and Kettlebell Lifting.
Purchase Steve Cotter Products


Jeff Martone: Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc
"Ready In Season & Out Of Season"


Jeff Martone is the founder and owner of Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc. He is one of the most innovative minds in incorporating Kettlebells and strength & conditioning tools into use for military and law enforcement training. He provides general preparedness training for fieldwork and for combat.


CrossFit NYC “Forging Elite Fitness”
Contact: Court Wing, Owner/Coach

Court Wing, Coach and co-owner of CrossFit NYC, a Level I & II (R-Phase and I-Phase) Z-Health Instructor and a Kettlebell Expert. There are only a handful of trainers that Mandla will refer clients to, and Court is one of them. Because of his level of professionalism and his commitment to providing quality instruction, Mandla strongly recommends that anyone in the New York area interested in training seek out instruction and guidance from Court.


Kinetic Edge Performance
“Human Potential Set In Motion…”
Contact: Brad Nelson, Owner/Director
Kettlebell Training Woodbury, MN

Brad is at the forefront of the fitness and strength conditioning industry, constantly learning and refining both his training and his coaching practice. He teaches a wide variety of people, from coaches and trainers to athletes and enthusiasts. Brad trains himself and his clients with intelligence, energy and a relentless commitment to success.


Interested In Pursuing Your Own Certification?

Joint Mobility Certification

Z-Health Certification
Contact: Kathy
Telephone: 888.394.4198
Note: Reference Mandla Nkosi at Boston Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning

Mandla is currently R-phase and I-Phase Certified (level I & II) and is working to complete the full scope of the certification process. This ensures that Mandla provides his clients with a full spectrum of services and solutions in fitness, strength & conditioning for sports performance, and movement therapy. The Z-Health certification process is a clear and concise movement template, allowing you to immediately integrate it into your own training approach. Be a professional. Understand what is happening to you and your clients, and have confidence that what you are prescribing is to their exact benefit.


Kettlebell Certification

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification.
Here is a link to register for the RKC Certification:

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification


American Kettlebell Club Instructors Certification
Here is a link to register for the AKC Certification:

AKC Certification


Interested in Martial Arts?

Bakbakan International - Warrior Arts of the Philippines

  1. Authentic training in Filipino bladed arts.
  2. Inspires an in-depth study of the anatomy and physiology of movement in preparation for combat.
  3. Provides invaluable information paramount to achieving a high level of martial arts practice.
  4. Cultivates an understanding of self, a development of the human spirit, and the will to survive. Survival is a practice and discipline.


YMAA International

  1. Authentic Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gung.
  2. YMAA validated the importance of learning movement from anatomical and physiologic theoretical perspective.
  3. Provides invaluable information paramount to achieving a high level of martial arts practice.
  4. YMAA a is unique and amazing educational center that preserves the true depth of traditional Chinese Martial Arts.


Brookline Tai Chi

  1. Home of Boston Kettlebell, Authentic Wu Style Tai Chi and Bua Gua instruction.
  2. A tranquil and focused environment, most conducive to learning.


Boston Samurai Arts
“Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho”

  1. Traditional Samurai Arts in Boston with instructor Walter Wong provides bladed and tactically applicative martial instruction.
  2. Walter is a true representation of his martial disciplines and has a commitment vested in the truth of his own martial practice and abilities.