Mandla is attentive to personal ability and maximizes your potential

As an MD, after 3 years of an orthopedic surgical residency, I quickly appreciated the implications of Mandla's training from a professional point of view. When I met Mandla, I could hardly stand up straight from doing continuous surgeries and spending hours at the computer. Persistent tingling in my hands and feet prevented sleep and even threatened my career as a surgeon.

After 4 weeks of Kettlebell and Joint Mobility training with Mandla, my symptoms were completely gone. After one year of training with Mandla, I am now in the best shape of my life and don't even waste one thought on back problems anymore!

Training with Mandla is having your own personal trainer even in a group. Mandla is attentive to personal ability and maximizes your potential. He is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivating.

Mandla employs physiology and kinesiology into his instruction and training. His classes are a blast! Regardless of your goals, eliminating chronic pain, losing weight and/or maximizing your athletic ability, Mandla is your man! He will get you into the best shape ever. If you want to, he will help you, if you don't, he will make you!


He's that rare individual who can tell his clients what they need to hear

Mandla possesses the technical expertise, anatomical knowledge, and communication skills expected of every RKC, in abundance. Working with him has helped me safely and painlessly achieve a range of motion in my knees that two physicians and a clinic full of physical therapists said would be physically impossible.

Even more important than his expertise as an RKC is his dedication to his clients and to healthy movement in general. I've had plenty of other highly qualified trainers support me through one lousy rep after another; Mandla was the first (and only) to persevere in encouraging me to move well, rather than "good enough". He's that rare individual who can tell his clients what they need to hear rather than what we may want to hear.

If you want to not only get stronger, but radically transform the way you think about movement, feel about movement, and actually move, then stop reading this and call him.


Mandla is a genius of movement!

Mandla is a genius of movement! As a nurse practitioner with a strong interest in neurology, I care a lot about how my training impacts every aspect of my life. I'm consistently amazed at how deep Mandla's understanding of anatomy, physiology, motivational science, and the brain runs, and at how much his classes enrich not only my own level of fitness but my understanding of the body. Thanks to his coaching I'm stronger, quicker, and far more coordinated than ever before. I barely even remember what it's like to wake up with stiff feet, stiff shoulders, or a "touchy" lower back. One caveat (or bonus, depending on your mindset): classes here are definitely nothing like the fitness classes I've seen elsewhere; Mandla really checks in on each client and expects full attention from everyone -- there's no "just show up and turn your brain off" here.

LA S. RN, MSN, CPNP Boston, MA

Mandla’s training can benefit a wide array of individuals

Mandla is an extremely talented teacher, with a really deep understanding of the body and how it inter-relates. He cares about his clients, and expects a lot of them.

He will call to find out where you have been, and provide you with a judicious mix of praise and criticism. He has high standards and expectations, and does not tolerate lackadaisical effort in his demanding classes, and as a consequence brings out the best results possible.

Mandla’s personal injury history allows him meaningful insight into the benefits of strength, and his credo of joint mobility, flexibility and then strength will benefit any person seriously interested in improving their physical well being. Mandla's training can benefit a wide array of individuals, from elite athletes to people in recovery from chronic inactivity.

You can expect to be challenged and to improve in flexibility and strength if you work consistently with Mandla. I can't recommend his insight highly enough.

Licensed massage therapist at Therapeutic Massage Services

The training is doing everything that I wanted it to do

I can tell I am getting stronger. My boyfriend has noticed I am tighter. I am running faster and feel better! The training is doing everything that I wanted it to do. Plus it gets it done in 30 minutes. Again I feel great! With regards to the instruction I feel I am doing everything properly. Training in general is easier when someone provides great instruction. The classes are very upbeat in the morning. Great instruction and great motivation.

Distance Runner, Sales Executive

Mandla is extremely knowledgeable about kettlebells

I have been training kettlebells with Mandla for 6 months. I absolutely love my training and have seen the great results of feeling stronger, moving better, alleviating hip pain, and getting leaner. I have seen and felt greater results than with any of my other exercise routines in the past, including running, spinning, swimming, and walking.

Mandla is extremely knowledgeable about kettlebells and the working of the body. He has helped me to learn how to control parts of my body that I wasn't even aware of before! He offers individual attention in a group setting, meeting the personal needs of everyone there.

I am amazed how great I feel training with kettlebells. Although each class leaves me exhausted and pushes me both mentally and physically, I still look forward to each class with Mandla. I highly recommend kettlebell training for strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness, and to get rid of any aches and pains.

35 years old Social Worker Holistic Health Counselor

Mandla changed my dancing! My allover stamina has dramatically increased!

I have attended Manddla's mobility and kettlebell classes for some time. He is so great with everyone. He finds a way to give all of us personal attention--that is just in time and always what each of us needs.

As a result of my work with Mandla, my body has gotten stronger and stronger.

My overall stamina has dramatically increased. My ability to go through airports and pick up my bags has totally changed. Plus, my Argentine Tango dancing has dramatically improved, as my hips and legs and balance are even better. I am very stable when I dance on one leg.

I highly recommend Mandla's classes and individual coaching. Mandla is fabulous. He has and still is working with me on my flexibility and mobility. I feel very fortunate to study with him.

(PS: I am certified to teach Pilates. I love kettle bells more!)

Business Consultant Wilder Presentations / Owner.
Author of Point, Click & Wow! Techniques and Habits of Successful

Mandla is an incredible instructor!

I have only been training with Kettlebells for about 2 months, but I already feel changes happening in my body: my strength is increasing, my flexibility is improving and my body is both looking and feeling healthier. There are so many things to focus on while training, that I don't ever see myself becoming 'bored'. It's challenging, fun, holistic and a brilliant way to fine-tune your body for whatever your chosen career.

Mandla is an incredible instructor! He pays attention to the smallest details, and he is a wonderful example of correct technique when he demonstrates. His methods are not for 'half-hearted' comrades who wish to train as a hobby. He is serious about training, and it is motivating to train with someone that is so passionate.

My journey has only just begun. I am eager and exited to see where it will take me! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Singer, Dancer

Mandla is an awesome Instructor

I have recently had the privilege of training Kettlebells with Kettlebell Instructor, Mandla Nkosi. Being a competitive gymnast for most of my life, I noticed similar body mechanics in the kettlebell drills as those performed by gymnast. My muscles were innately used to the total body strength, flexibility and awareness in space and time in relation to the Kettlebell.

In the month that I was able to train with Mandla, the physical improvements (strength, flexibility, stamina, general feeling of all round well being!) were far quicker achieved and deeper within the body of the muscle than what I experienced in previous weight training programs.

I truly appreciate having found a "real" form of training that makes total sense and works in conjunction with the natural movements of the human body, with outstanding results!

Mandla is an awesome Instructor and a true reflection of the power (both mental and physical) achieved in Russian Kettlebell Training. It was an honor to have had the chance to learn from him.

Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Qi Gong Practitioner and Gymnast

Mandla Nkosi delivered

Though I had no real desire to be removed from my comfort zone of cardio work on a bike and weight training in the gym, I received word in early January that I would have little choice in the matter if I wanted to be considered for a tactical position within the federal law enforcement agency for which I was employed.

Fearing the potential of injury and embarrassment, I sought out Mandla at Boston Kettlebell prior to reporting for the two month selection school in February. Looking for something of a miracle in learning the intricacies of kettlebells in under a month, Mandla Nkosi delivered.

In only three weeks, Mandla was able to bring me from a point of complete ignorance to having the confidence to snatch a 54lb. kettlebell. With his guidance and instruction, I was able to accomplish all of my goals during the two month school including the completion of a ten minute 54 lb. kettlebell snatch test as well as the ability to perform multiple weighted pull-ups with a 40 lb. vest.

Furthermore, his focus on flexibility and mobility have not only allowed me to make the gains I desired with kettlebells but they have also served to assist me with the rehabilitation and strengthening of both my knee and shoulders—areas with which I had multiple problems due to sports injuries prior to beginning my work with Mandla.

As an instructor, his attention to students and ability to convey the training concepts goes far beyond any coaching I received while a Division I athlete in college and as an Ironman level triathlete over the past two years. I would recommend Mandla to anyone looking to increase their fitness or to accomplish personal strength training goals.

Special Agent with an undisclosed federal law enforcement agency

Mandla is a great instructor

I think Mandla is a great instructor. An hour of class with him feels like a very complete, intense workout. I like how he presses you to work hard, to test your limits in a manageable way. I like how he incorporates a lot of variety into the workouts and introduces new levels of difficulty when you are ready. He is always mindful of whatever your problem areas might be, and has exercises to address them. He’s very knowledgeable about anatomy and body mechanics. He’s really enthusiastic about helping you make progress and about sharing his expertise.

I’ve been exercising for years, but training Kettlebells with Mandla has really given a good jolt to my usual routines. It has improved my overall strength, knee function, and understanding of how to protect the back from injury. Plus, I really enjoy his classes. They’re really early, but I’m always glad I went.

Martial Artist, Business Owner

Mandla's knowledge, enthusiasm and energy are amazing

When it comes to getting you fit and/or recovering from injuries, Mandla's knowledge, enthusiasm and energy are amazing. He truly cares about helping people.

I highly recommend Mandla for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape or take their athletic performance to a much higher level than ever. If any of these are your goals, do yourself a favor and contact Mandla today for real training that gives real results.

Martial arts instructor, Actor

Take up Kettlebells with Mandla

I had suffered from a weakness in my shoulder for about 15 years. It had required a surgery to repair my right shoulder, and frequent stepping-down of my training because of tweaking of my left shoulder.

I had tried yoga, strenght training with free weights, and increased Qigong to help me repair this problem, but it persisted. After about two months of training Kettlebells with Mandla Nkosi, the problem appeared to have been resolved.

Now it has been almost a year of continued training, and my shoulders are still stronger and more stable than they have ever been. I have returned to push hands training, and have even done some boxing and sparring, all without difficulty.

Mandla makes the classes challenging and fun no matter what level you are at - I had been training for over 20 years in martial arts when we first met. I would encourage anyone looking for intense, results oriented training, or who is looking for a great athletic adventure, to take up Kettlebells with Mandla.

Shaolin Gong Fu & Taiji Quan Instructor, Lawyer

Mandla is an effective teacher

In over ten years of competitive training including at the NCAA Division I level, I am familiar with many various methods and instructors. From my experience I can say Kettlebells are a fun and efficient alternative to standard weight training. Their allowance for a variety of movements leads to a limitless number of exercises for the creative practitioner. The exercises emphasis on the utilizing explosiveness and balance provides greater agility and power. In addition, the small size of the Kettlebells makes them convenient and easily accessible. One does not need a gym; one can use a backyard or park.

Moreover, Mandla is an effective teacher. Beyond his great knowledge and energy, he is personable and friendly. He cares for his students, and as a result his students learn and improve.

Univerisity Student Seattle, WA

I have gained better posture, more energy, more strength and more mobility (especially in the hips)

The classes are great, a good mix of Joint Mobility and Kettlebell Training. An attention to detail and an intense workout. The instructor is encouraging, instead of saying something isn’t right, he’ll tell you what to do to make it better. There is a lot of attention to detail in form. We revisit the basics constantly. He gives us a lot of personal attention. Since starting kettlebell classes I have gained better posture, more energy, more strength and more mobility (especially in the hips). Everything is so personalized and there is so much individual attention, its great!

Artist, Martial Artist,Small Business Owner

It’s the best exercise class I’ve ever done

It’s the best exercise class I’ve ever done. I gained the most results in the least amount of time…It is very physically challenging and rewarding. The classes have lots of close personal attention… to make sure we’re doing it properly. Mandla explains what each exercise does and what muscle groups are used. Personalized instruction insures maximum benefits and correct form.

He pushes you to do more than you think you can and balances strength with flexibility. Since starting kettlebell classes I have gained muscle definition, more strength, more energy and the ability to make the “happy face” even when I’m in pain and exhausted. The training is made very easy to understand.

Kettlebell Enthusiast, Small Business Manager/Owner

I appreciated the kindness and concern for all

This is based upon my initial “reaction” to classes. The classes are excellent and they made sense. I appreciated the kindness and concern for all as well as the instructor’s passion for the material his knowledge of the material and the indulging into anatomy. I was able to do more than I expected; the usual pain in my joints was alleviated for a few hours after class.

I liked the way the instructor explains the reasons for each of the movements. I liked the way the class builds on the knowledge and movements learned. I liked how the instructor watches each of the participants to make sure they have correct form. I like the instructors positive attitude and that he provided different ways of teaching the material to find success.

I have found the support to venture into new territory after injury with less joint pain, more mobility and overall I feel stronger and more physically in touch.

College Assistant Director of Admissions

The classes are of a very high quality of instruction

The classes are of a very high quality of instruction. They are very comprehensive, useful and fun.

The instructor covers the material in good detail. He provides encouragement and understands the individual’s needs. I like his toughness and positivity.

I have gained greater strength and physical awareness, a greater level of mobility and shoulder and knee awareness – which will help me fix my body. Thanks.

College Student

I am now officially an RKC

THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2009 Just heard from Senior RKC Brad Nelson that I have passed and earned my RKC designation. I've been working with Mandla Nkosi of Boston Kettlebell for the last 2 months on mobility issues using R Phase Z Health. For any of you out there in the Boston area, Mandla is the man for joint mobility. I don't think there isn't an issue he can't identify and fix. For more info, visit his site

Posted by Fabiana O'Brien at 7:24 AM

I urge even my own personal training clients to attend his workshops

I recently completed a kettlebell instructor's certification workshop. I got help from Mandla and am here to tell you that I simply could not have done it without his preparation. His keen analysis, first-hand experience and exacting standards set me up for success in a situation in which there was no room for error. Mandla gave me the confidence and skill to prevail in the most important test of my life. I've watched him work with less experienced clients as well and seen him get the best from people at any level. I urge even my own personal training clients to attend his workshops!

(National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer)

Mandla got me back in the "swing" of things! Rated 10 out of 10

Kettlebell training is the most beneficial form of strength conditioning, cardio conditioning and weight loss that I have found! I love it's simplcity. I love the fact that I can train at home and that I don't have to put in long training sessions to reap the benefits.

Funny how life sometimes gets sneaky and, at least for me, I get over-entangled in some of life's "absolutely must do's."(Like my 2008 taxes!) And then what suffers is my training time! So, after a couple of weeks of doing everything else but training, I get ready to jump back in the saddle of discipline and training consistency, and then I suffer a minor set back with some shoulder pain caused by thoracic outlet syndrome and a locked up lower back (too much computer work!)...and then, by the grace of God, I find something's called Z-health! I know that most of the RKC's are Z-health certified, so I took Brad Nelson's advice and went to see an RKC, Z-Health practitioner in Boston, Mandla Nkosi.

Well, let me just say that I was so impressed with Mandla and the Z-health system that I immediately registered for the Boston certification coming this summer! Joint mobilization = freedom! How nice to see my body move 90% better with one session! And as I continue to train and utilize what I've learned so far, I know my body will be totally freed up so I can begin training for my RKC Certification! I can't wait to share what I've learned and be able to help lot's of folks regain lost physical mobility!

So now I begin to train, slowly, listening to my body, making sure my form is perfect and not worrying about heavy weight or how many reps. My training for now consists of, Joint Mobility drills, and SWINGS! No presses, no squats, no snatches til Mandla says "go!" He's an excellent, and knowledgeable instructor!

Yes, it's great to be back in the SWING of things again and I'm feeling great!

Dawn Jarrell - Chicopee, MA

Be ready to work!

Mandla is endless in his generosity of knowledge. You will come away from training with him understanding more then you ever imagined and having accomplished things you never dreamed. I attribute all my good habits to having been trained by ready to work, be ready to really work!!

Mathea Levine RKC Boston, MA

Improved my overall strength, flexibility and levels of body awareness

Mandla has given me a great appreciation for kettlebell training. Under his helpful instructions and coaching I have improved my overall strength, flexibility and levels of body awareness. Mandla has an amazing personality; he is extremely knowledgeable and possesses all of the qualities of an effective trainer.

Physical Trainer, Coach, Z-Health R, I, S & T Instructor. San Francisco, CA

Mandla has integrity, the knowledge, and a commitment to kettlebell training

I am a personal trainer as well as a kettlebell enthusiast. Mandla helped me hone my KB skills and iron out small inconsistencies in my own training. I attended one of his flexibility/mobility seminars, and after it I applied what I learned in my own training and in training my own clients with much success.

As a peer, Mandla has integrity, the knowledge, and a commitment to kettlebell training. If interested in KB training one should definitely take advantage of what he has to offer.

Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Facility Manager

Mandla is an exemplary coach

There is a MAJOR difference between a trainer and a coach. A trainer counts reps and sets. A coach teaches you what and why. Mandla is an exemplary COACH. Beyond being a great person, he also continues to raise the bar amongst his peers on his own level of strength and conditioning. When you are serious about RESULTS, I highly recommend you sign up for an extended amount of classes and or one on one sessions with Mandla.

Level II, CSCS, RKC Team Leader Kinetic Edge Performance – Owner/Director. Minneapolis, MN ...human potential set in motion

Mandla Nkosi is a hard-working professional

Mandla Nkosi is a hard-working professional who will bring out the best effort in his clients throught his tireless effort and attention to details. He wants you to succeed and will work with you every step of the way so that you achieve your health and fitness goals.

You are in good hands with Mandla as your guide.

World-renowned strength and conditioning expert

You want a true fitness guru?

When their hour is up, most trainers will just leave you alone and shout, "NEXT!" Mandla does not treat you like you are at a number picked out at a deli counter. He will email you articles, call to check up on you, and even make you the priority when you give up on yourself. I can attest firsthand that he consistently gives his clients the tools they need to succeed. Mandla is a rare breed of both an academic and an athlete. You want a true fitness guru? Call Mandla.

Corey, Z-Health Integrated Movement Specialist

Specialist & Tailored

Even though I do not live in Boston- I train on-line with Mandla and when we can face-to face! I believe that the amount of support, dedication and expert input I get supercedes the input of any other trainer I have worked with over the last 15 years. His holistic view of the body (mechanics, nutrition etc) means that every individual and training session is unique and truly world-class. I love it and I think he should be first choice for everyone who are committed to and wants superior training at affordable prices.

Rehena H

I came to Mandla a broken man, but now I feel better than ever!

I've been doing martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira) and strength training for 15 years, but I've never come across a trainer with Mandla's deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and the way we move. This combined with his patience makes Mandla a world-class trainer.

My initial plan was to attend Mandla's classes purely from a strength gain point of view. But time and place made it difficult. I focused on my martial arts training instead but got injured during class and ended up with a herniated disk in my lower back. I was looking at 6 months of PT and maybe surgery if that did not help (surgery from which a 100% recovery is no guarantee). 4 months of PT gave no results, and fed up with not being able to work out I started taking Mandla's classes - Success! Mandla's combined knowledge of Z-Health and Kettlebell Training yielded results within 2 weeks, and 2 months later the back pain was gone!

Now, combining joint mobility and kettlebell training I'm on my way to a power and fitness level I would not have thought possible a couple of years ago.

Andreas D. M. Sc. Molecular Genetics

Doc. told me I would never run again.

I am a 25-year-old glassblowing teacher, who loves to dance, play Ultimate Frisbee, ride a skateboard, snowboard, etc. In the last few years I have had ACL and PCL replacement on the left knee, and ACL replacement and Meniscus repair on the right knee. I found Boston Kettle Bell by chance about 6 months after the first knee surgery, at the time I was having difficulty walking down the block. Three months ago I had the second knee operated on. With excellent coaching and serious commitment to getting back to play, I have made an amazingly rapid recovery.

I am beyond overjoyed to say that on any given day I am back to 90% of my pre-injury capacity for activity. I have been coming to classes for almost two years. I am absolutely thrilled with my progress, training hard to get back to running, and I am in general currently in the best shape of my life!

I find the classes to provide a refreshingly practical combination of strength, coordination, and agility work. Focusing predominately on fundamental body weight exercises, kettle bell lifts, joint mobility drills, and other athletic skill sets, with a precise attention to detail. In a small group environment every student receives individual attention and we are all appropriately challenged by the workout.

Mandla Nkosi is an amazingly talented and dedicated instructor; consistently striving to help his students achieve and maintain healthy active lives. Mandla's experience and expertise in a wide range of athletic activities is very evident and, I feel extremely privileged to train with him.

Joanna R.

This is what I call being EMPOWERED

I have worked with Mandla over the past several years doing short, intensive sessions. Each time we meet, my knowledge and understanding of my body and my health grows exponentially. This is what I call being EMPOWERED. Mandla has been my most valued and trusted teacher in helping me to manage and improve my nutrition, my fitness levels and consequentially, my mental and emotional health. I have had some minor and major injuries that Mandla has worked on with me, and today I am largely pain free because of the work we have done together. When I do have pain, it's always and only the result of me not following my regime, and it is always a case of returning my drills that solves whatever physical problem I experience. From sinus headaches, to pinched nerves, I now have the means to manage and rid myself of most pain and discomfort, and where my own knowledge falls short, Mandla is always willing and ready to help me find the answers. Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another, and I am so grateful to Mandla for selflessly sharing all that he knows with me.

T.N, BA (Harvard), MFA (SVA)
Artist and Filmmaker, Johannesburg South Africa
Past times: swimming and cooking

A Keen Eye And A Patient Methodology!!! A Complete Session! Rated 10 out of 10

My girlfriend wisely bought me an introductory session with Mandla for a Christmas present. I had been dabbling with the Kettlebell for a year and felt that taking the time to learn the proper way of doing the lifts (swings and presses) would be a good idea. On my first session Mandla took the time to analyze my form, structure, and movements, and he pointed out a few areas that might hold me back from reaching where I wanted to go with my kettlebell. His knowledge and delivery of the little things having to do with physiology and kinetics are sound, and his delivery is patient, and done with good cheer. It is obvious that he wants to help you succeed and that he loves doing what he does. The studio is clean, peaceful, well lit, and easy to get to. I highly endorse Mandla as The Instructor to call on in New England. He is worth the trip.

Michael Lee - Beverly, MA

The real deal Rated 10 out of 10

I am a certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA) and have been working in the physical education/health field for 25 years. There is so much misinformation, hype, and glam in the fitness industry, it was with great relief that I met Mandla and was introduced to kettlebells. He has a thorough and solid understanding of the human body, how it works, and how to make it stronger and healthier. I was impressed with his expertise, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.

Ellen Perrella - S. Hadley, MA USA

My pain started dissipating almost immediately… It literally changed my life.

I had been having trouble with my shoulder for more than a year. I wasn't sure what it was; all I knew was that something was not right. I would be doing something - adjusting my backpack, taking of my T-shirt - and it would sort of "pop", painfully. Then it started getting worse. I was in almost constant discomfort. My range of motion was limited. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a numb, sore arm. Sometimes I would wake up literally shouting from pain, shaking my arm in the dark to try to make it feel better. I went for x-rays but they couldn't see anything. I went for two sessions of physiotherapy, but I think that only made it worse. I even contemplated surgery.

Then Mandla's sister suggested that I speak to him about it, and maybe even do some Z-Health sessions with him on Skype (I live in South Africa). I contacted him. We started meeting once a week, for about an hour each time. Mandla would ask me questions about the specifics of my discomfort - its precise location; its intensity; how it had changed - and then we would do certain drills and exercises. At the same time, Mandla encouraged me to do the R-phase Z-health templates every day. My pain started dissipating almost immediately. After about two weeks, it was substantially better. Now, months later, I don't have any shoulder pain at all. I have got my full range of movement back, and, of course, I sleep through the night.

I am incredibly grateful for this and can't recommend Z-Health generally, and Mandla as an instructor, enough. It literally changed my life.

D.B., BA (Wits) HDip. Journalism (Rhodes)
Deputy Features Editor, "Business Day" Newspaper Johannesburg, South Africa
Past times: golf and running

He has taken the mystique out of the training and gave me not only the support but the tools I need to work with.

"Mandla takes the time to get to know each of his clients and their particular needs in terms of training and conditioning. He has an outstanding working knowledge of the body and can pinpoint trouble spots and recommend moves to improve. Personally, Mandla's guidance and expertise has helped me to move to the next level in my kettlebell training. He has taken the mystique out of the training and gave me not only the support, but the tools I need to work with. Additionally Mandla follows up with regular emails on current topics in kettlebell training as well as other health and wellness news items. I have and will continue to recommend Mandla's services at BostonKettlebell."

Kathleen Aicardi
Hired Mandla as a Personal Trainer in 2006, and hired Mandla more than once May 17, 2007 Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity