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The Swing: Foundation of Kettlebell Training
The ‘Swing’ provides an amazing level of conditioning and teaches you principles vital to kettlebell training. It is phenomenal at building connective strength and a high level of endurance simultaneously.

The Clean
The ‘Clean’ Is more technical then the ‘Swing’ and is mainly used in conjunction with ‘Jerks’. The end position of the clean is called the ‘Rack’ and is used as a rest position or shelf for over-head lifting. The ‘Clean’ prepares you for some of the mechanics found in the Kettlebell ‘Snatch’. ‘Cleans’, used in conjunction with ‘Jerks’ provide an amazing athletic conditioning platform..

The Jerk: Staple of Kettlebell Overhead Lifting
The ‘Jerk’ teaches you how to generate power in a vertical direction. Jerks develop the flexibility, strength and health of the shoulders, upper torso and core. Done correctly, it is a great exercise for those with rotator-cuff injury. Combined with ‘Cleans’ it becomes a world-class format for strength and conditioning.

The Snatch: Czar of Kettlebell lifts
It builds on all previous lifts and houses all of their benefits and more. This lift is done for high repetitions, over a duration of time and is an extreme platform for learning how to produce, reduce and redirect force. The ‘Snatch’ forges strong legs, shoulders and arms, a powerful back and core and a solid grip. The ‘Snatch’ teaches the body to work as one unit through extreme ranges of motion building an incredible level of work capacity.



CAUTION! Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program may result in injury. Consult your doctor before you initiate this or any other exercise program. Boston Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning clearly advises you NOT to try or use any of the demonstrated drills without or as a replacement for professional instruction.

Boston Kettlebell, the owner, creators and participants of this video footage disclaim any liability or loss in conjunction with exercises demonstrated or the instruction and advice expressed herein.


Video: Benji Zusman