Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 people to ensure a high level of personal instruction and attention. Unlimited Class Members: you can attend as many classes as you like below or at your level of current practice.


New Student Orientation

Everyone new to the training starts by developing the basic skills. The New Student Orientation is an essential and highly beneficial process towards your physical fitness and athletic development.

These private sessions provide you with insight into what work lies ahead and will help you realize your true physical fitness potential.

During the New Student Orientation, you will work one-on-one with an instructor for two 45-minute private sessions. Here your individual needs are assessed and you are introduced to the basic principles, safety and execution of quality movement. Joint mobility, body-weight exercises and preparatory kettlebell lifts are presented, practiced and improved upon. This is necessary groundwork to access the real intensity of the training and get the most out of classes.


Introductory Kettlebell Classes:
A Focus on Sound Body Mechanics in Training

In this series of intensive one-hour classes you will:

  • Learn joint mobility drills that will rehabilitate injury, restore ranges of motion to decrepit and restricted areas, and create strong, healthy connective tissue.
  • Re-educate the body to execute sound, athletic movement on a consistent basis by removing tension, and creating flexibility and range of motion.
  • Learn the basic physiological mechanics in the execution of the most common and fundamental bodyweight exercises.
  • Apply the benefits of joint mobility to body weight exercises and kettlebell preparatory lifts
  • Learn the kettlebell swing - the foundation of Kettlebell training.
  • Enjoy a simple, time efficient and effective approach to accelerate your athletic development and understanding of movement


Intermediate Kettlebell Classes:
Lifting and Movement Technique Development

In this series of intensive one-hour classes you will:

  • Revisit the kettlebell swing and learn the fundamental kettlebell lifts: the clean, the jerk, the snatch and the front squat
  • Develop an awareness of how to insert joint mobility and movement principles into your kettlebell lifts
  • Learn to appropriately incorporate flexibility into your training
  • Develop a working knowledge of the body's anatomical structure
  • Develop physiological coordination in training to bring about consistent and pain-free athletic progression
  • Expand on what you learned in Sound Body Mechanics and apply to more advanced body weight exercises
  • Have confidence in your level of fitness and see how what you've learned in class carries over into your sport and other recreational activities
  • Have a greater appreciation for your own unique and extraordinary human design

Prerequisites: Proficient execution and understanding of all drills covered in Introductory Kettlebell Classes


Advanced Kettlebell Classes:
Advanced Practice

In this class you will:

  • Perfect your technique in the fundamental lifts
  • Develop more advanced flexibility routines
  • Be introduced to a wide variety of challenging lifts to increase dexterity and further work capacity
  • Couple kettlebell drills and body weight exercises to create strength and conditioning routines to get more out of your training time
  • Revisit drills to identify areas of weakness and replace them with strength
  • Acquire the necessary tools to become a skilled Kettlebell Practitioner

Prerequisites: Proficient execution and understanding of all drills and material covered in Introductory and Intermediate Kettlebell Classes


Rates and Class Information

Unlimited Kettlebell Class Memberships:
As an Unlimited Class Member you can attend as many classes as you like at or below your level of current practice.

  • 12 week Unlimited Kettlebell Class Membership: $780
    Payment options: 3 payments of $260 each, every 4 weeks, over the12-week period.

  • 24 week Unlimited Kettlebell Class Membership: $1560
    Payment options: 6 payments of $260 each, every 4 weeks, over the 24-week period.

Bill arrangements will be made during registration. Full payment at registration for a 24 week membership is eligible for a discount.

Individual Kettlebell Class Cards:
You can also purchase individual class cards that are valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase:

  • 12 Class Kettlebell Class Card for $300
  • 12 Class Joint Mobility Class Cards for $250

Class cards are valid for 10 weeks from date of purchase

New Student Orientation Rates:
New students are encouraged to schedule one-on-one orientation sessions prior to any class

  • 1 person: two 45-minute private sessions, $190
  • 2 people: two 45-minute private sessions, $360

Contact Mandla Nkosi to schedule your New Student Orientation

Referral Credit Policy:
Refer a friend or family member and receive a credit towards your next training package. If they sign up for:

  • 12 weeks: Receive a $30 credit
  • 24 weeks: Receive a $60 credit